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Slip conductor
Slip conductor

The slip conductor is a new type of power supply system for the mobile machinery and equipment, the conductor is a special formula of high quality aluminum alloy profile, and the outer jacket adopts special polyvinyl chloride raw material, which plays a safe role in preventing rain, dust, school and electric shock.

Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, docks, freight yards and other mobile equipment supply lines.

Slip Wire Features:

1, safe and reliable, even with finger contact there is no risk of electric shock;

2, the service life is long, the conductor sheath also uses the unique formula, greatly prolonged the slip traverse system service life;

3, energy-saving: The use of special formula Aluminum composite profiles as a conductor, small resistance, greatly reducing the loss of electrical energy;

4, collector can be three-dimensional space movement, can meet the uninterrupted power supply equipment, the use of double insulation design, work more safe and reliable;

5. New materials, technology and technology to ensure that products have higher corrosion resistance, weather resistance and working temperature range, the work performance is more safe and reliable;

6, the use of combination design, easy to install and daily maintenance, special preparation suitable for high-altitude work.

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