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Multi-pole sliding wire
Multi-pole sliding wire

In general, the model specifications of the multipole sliding wire are consistent, in fact, this point the country does not have a unified standard, the following we have to do for the type and specifications of the sliding wire to do a simple introduction:

1, TLHX refers to the single pole slip wire, the series of sliding wire divided into aluminum guidance rods, copper guide rod and galvanized steel guide rod, current generally in between the 60a~2500a, this product wide range of applications, more secure, more durable;

2, TLHP refers to the linear pipe-type sliding wire;

3, TLGJ refers to the aluminum alloy tube-type sliding wire;

4, TLHH refers to the arc tube-type sliding wire, the series of sliding wire can be used indoors and outdoors, but the scope of application is relatively narrow, in general, this has been the elimination of products, in the long-term perspective, we generally do not recommend that customers use this kind of;

5, TLWJ refers to the seamless slip wire, the series of slip-wire current is relatively small, generally under 210A Tlgh refers to the high temperature steel body slip wire, the series of slide conductor current in 500A only 3000A, mainly used in steel mills, smelters, foundry and other high-temperature, high humidity, high corrosion occasions.

Different types of multi-pole sliding wire has different applications, I hope that through our introduction, we can have a further understanding of the slip wire.

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