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Energy-saving safety slip line
Energy-saving safety slip line

Energy-saving safe slide line occupies a small space, combination of flexible, curved radius small, easy to install and fast.

Application areas: Port transportation, papermaking, water, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, logistics and other industries.

Energy-saving safety slip line Installation considerations:

1, according to the installation diagram, to determine the power supply section, expansion section and other functional segments of the location, and according to the installation location number;

2, the installation of the first slide line, to be suspended by a fixed suspension, as the benchmark for the whole line straightening;

3, the first slide line installation should be adjusted to the operation of the electric equipment and the running Track center line parallelism is not 1.5mm/1000mm, the subsequent installation of the slip line to ensure that with the first slide line straightness and the operating track of the electric equipment is not more than the 1.5mm/1000mm;

4, for the DHGJ-type slide line must be effective to ensure that each slide line good grounding performance;

5, installation completed, should be a full review o when the first installation of the slide line (catheter) is not used as a calibration benchmark, you can use floating suspension clamp police exchange;

6, the detection of safety installation conditions, to ensure that the entire line and the electric equipment track parallelism and slide line (catheter) itself straight lines every less than 15mm;

7, the installation of stack. Note the matching of the length and feet of the catheter;

8, after the power operation, found that the problem immediately resolved.

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