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Crane sliding wire
Crane sliding wire

In order to ensure the normal operation of Crane sliding wire, to extend its service life, in the Crane sliding wire put into operation, they should be regularly overhaul.

1, brush: should be based on the use of mobile power equipment every 1-3 months to check once. Focus on inspection brush brush wear, wear if ≥ 5mm, it must be replaced. If the brush is found to be loose or skewed during inspection, the cause should be identified and disposed of in time.

2, collector: at least once a quarterly inspection. Fasteners to check whether the loose, displacement and plastic parts and moving parts wear, check the spring tension. Find the problem in time.

3, connectors: at least once a year. Focus on checking the fastening bolts, weld and support is loose, rust, displacement, etc., find problems, timely treatment.

4, routine inspection: focus on the track straightness whether there is any significant deviation (more than 20mm), dislocation, whether the insulation protection off, fracture, damage, stainless steel "v" groove with or without tilt; And conductive dust and so on. If necessary, the insulation resistance should be tested to meet the requirements (phase insulation resistance should be ≥ 5MΩ).

Especially for traffic lane coincidence, gauge, inclination and other large deviations, frequent use, workshop dust, high temperature and water, acid, alkali, fog and outdoor use of the environment, we must strengthen routine inspection and maintenance.

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