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Circular-Arc Slide conductor
Circular-Arc Slide conductor

Product Name: Circular-arc sliding wire

Circular-Arc slide conductor occupies a small space, combination of flexible, curved radius small, easy to install and fast. is widely used in port transport, paper, water, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, logistics and other industries.

Installation considerations:

1, according to the installation diagram, determine the power supply section, expansion section and other functions of the location, and the installation location for numbering;

2, the installation of the first slide line, to be suspended with a fixed suspension. As a benchmark for straight line straightening;

3, the first slide line installation should be adjusted to the operation of the electric equipment and the running Track center line parallelism is not more than 1.5mm/1000m, the subsequent installation of the slip line to ensure that with the first hate slide straightness and the operating track of the electric equipment is not more than the 1.5nm/1000m;

4, for DHGJ-type bone line must be effective to ensure that each slide line good grounding performance;

5, installation completed, should be the first installation of the entire line of the slide is not used as a calibration benchmark, can be replaced with floating suspension clips;

6, the detection of safety installation conditions, to ensure that the entire line and the electric equipment track parallelism and slide line, its own straight lines every little less than 15m;

7, the installation of stack. Pay attention to four with the length of the catheter;

8, after the power operation, found that the problem immediately resolved.

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