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Electric single girder crane slide line
Electric single girder crane slide line

Product Name: Electric single girder crane slide line

The acceptance of the slide line of the electric single girder crane is very important, only to ensure its quality, can ensure better use later.

Acceptance criteria:

I. Bracket

1, for anti-corrosion treatment;

2, should be continuous welding;

3, the installation is firm, the installation hole position is consistent.

Two, bracket spacing

Single line "H" type 300A below ≤1.5m,400a ≤3m;

Multi-wire seamless slip-line 1.0-1.5m, duct-type 1.0-1.5m, cable-sliding type 1.0-2.0m, arc segment bracket spacing according to the scene<>

III. Suspension Parts

The position is correct, the installment is firm, the quantity compound request.

Four, the sliding contact line main body

1, protective shell and conductor clearance ≤2mm.

2, straightness: and track Center height tolerance ﹤±15mm.

3, Straightness: With the track center of longitudinal tolerance ﹤±15mm.

4, distortion degree: ﹤15mm/10m.

V. Telescopic device

1, the quantity conforms to the stipulation.

2, clearance distance should meet the installation site large temperature difference caused by the theoretical scale.

Vi. Collection of electrical appliances

1, the steel of the frame welded firmly, the center line and the slide contact line vertical tolerance ±3mm.

2, steel bracket and the size of the sliding contact line, should ensure that the set of electrical activity arm and the sliding line of the main body parallel to the tolerance ±3mm.

3, the set of electrical and sliding contact line smooth sliding, in line with the prescribed pressure.

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