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Electric Crane Sliding Line
Electric Crane Sliding Line

Electric Crane slide line for most mobile devices in the power supply system, its simple material, easy to install, easy maintenance repair, low price and other art as many customers consider the safety of the specifications of the slip line.

Electric Crane Slide line its material for copper row, conductive and energy-saving than the single-pole safe sliding contact line and a longer increase, but the cost also with a lot of improvement, and because of the structure of different, its current withstand capacity is far below the single pole slip line, generally used in small power mobile devices, its use of current 50A to 300A between.

Electric Crane slide line is mainly used in some special occasions, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, high humidity occasions, suitable for all occasions, but the cost is higher, most of them only in these special occasions will be selected.

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