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Gantry Crane Sliding Contact line
Gantry Crane Sliding Contact line

Product Name: Gantry Crane Sliding Contact line

Gantry Crane sliding Contact Line Product structure: Guide rail, sheath, set of electrical appliances, connectors, hanging, fixing, end cover and other components, according to user requirements can also be configured expansion section, repair section and so on.

1, the Guide rail and sheath: The guide rail by the conductive property good, to the environment adaptability strong aluminum Alloy section makes the guide line to embed "V" the stainless steel groove, guarantees the electrical appliance brush to glide along the trough, wear-resisting, stable and good contact. The guide rail is generally fixed to 6 meters. Sheath by a toughness, wear-resistant, anti-aging and flame-retardant properties of Engineering Plastics, the guide rail has a good insulation protection, to ensure personal safety.

2, set electrical appliances: set for the supporting structure, is the main component of power supply to mobile devices. Made up of special carbon brushes, terminals or terminals, plastic shields, supporting arms, etc. Apply proper contact pressure, slide smoothly along the guide rail, and supply power to the equipment. Equipment such as maintenance, can be set of electrical appliances carbon SANLA away from the guide rail power, to ensure safe, convenient operation.

3, Connectors: Connector is designed for the end of the rail connection between the plate and the bolt reliable connection, the shell by Engineering Plastics as a protective cover. As a protective sleeve for electrical appliances, the port can be introduced into the power supply line, and the connector plate and bolts are fastened together.

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