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Gantry Crane Sliding Line
Gantry Crane Sliding Line

Product Name: Gantry Crane Sliding Line

Gantry Crane Sliding Line product structure: Guide rail, sheath, set of electrical appliances, connectors, hanging, fixing, end cover and other components, according to user requirements can also be configured expansion section, repair section, and so on.

1, the hanger, the retainer and the end cover, the hanger is the hoisting, the fixed sliding contact line Guide's special piece. The retainer is a device that limits the guide rail to the bracket, and guides it to the sides of the retainer when the guide rail is stretched by the temperature variation. The end cover is installed at both ends of the guideway to protect against insulation. The hanging device and the end cover are made of engineering plastics;

2, Expansion section: Expansion section also known as telescopic, heat compensation devices, etc., by the connector plate, compensation power supply of aluminum plate or copper, lead and other components, Shell for Engineering plastics. When the guide rail is retractable due to temperature change, the gap is adjusted by the telescopic device to avoid deformation of the guideway. Generally in the workshop length of more than 200 meters, each additional 100 meters configured a group;

3, Overhaul section: Repair section by the connector plate and high-strength insulating material processing, made of plastic casing sheath. According to the user needs to choose, the main convenient sliding contact line, mobile equipment, such as maintenance and use.

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