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Crane Slip Line
Crane Slip Line

Product Name: Crane slip Line

Product Features:

1, Safety: Crane sliding line shell is made of high insulation performance of engineering plastics, shell protection grade can be reached according to the need to IP13, IP55 level, can protect against rain, snow and frozen attacks and pendants touched. Products undergo a variety of environmental conditions, the insulation performance is good, to the maintenance personnel touch the transmission to the outside without any harm;

2. Economy: The crane slip line device has simple structure and high current density, low resistivity, low voltage loss of copper platoon as a conductive body, collector, pipe-type sliding line can save about 6%, to achieve the plastic generation of copper, design novel, no other insulation structure, no compensation line, installed in the crane control room on the same side, saving installation materials and funds, The comprehensive cost is similar to that of bare steel slip line;

3, Reliable: Transmission guide rail conductive performance Excellent, the heat dissipation is fast, and with high current density, low impedance value, small line loss, brush by high conductivity, high wear resistance of metal graphite material, single pole sliding line is flexible in electrical movement, directional performance, effective control of contact arc and string arc phenomenon;

4, convenient: The crane slip line device will be the multi-level bus set in a catheter, the group is half simple, its fixed bracket, connecting clip, suspension device, all by universal parts supply, installation and demolition, adjustment, maintenance is also very convenient.

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