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Sliding line of overhead crane
Sliding line of overhead crane

Bridge Crane slip Line according to the use of electricity equipment every 1-3 months to check once, focus on checking relay brush wear, if the wear conditions ≥5mm, must be replaced. Check when the brush is found loose or wear deflection, should identify the cause, timely treatment. Collector: Check at least once per quarter.

Bridge Crane Slide Line safety, power supply sliding line casing is made of high insulating properties of engineering plastics. Enclosure protection levels can be IP13, IP55, as needed, to protect against rain, snow and frozen attacks, as well as hanging objects. Products undergo a variety of environmental conditions test. Good insulation performance, to repair personnel touch the outside of the transmission conduit without any damage. Reliable, conductive rail conductivity is excellent, heat dissipation faster, and with high current density, low impedance value, line loss, brush by a high conductivity, high abrasion resistance of metal materials made of graphite. The electrical movement is flexible, the directional performance is good, the contact arc and the series Arc phenomenon are controlled effectively.

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