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Double Girder crane Slide line
Double Girder crane Slide line

Because of the fast running speed and high frequency of double girder crane, the sliding line of double girder crane is an ideal choice.

Crane rail deformation, set electrical movement blocked:

1, the main reason: the ambient temperature is too high to lift the extrusion pressure or loose;

2, treatment methods: Part of the selection of heat insulation board, outdoor shading plate, add crane slip line to lift the number of racks, to correct the catheter, and tighten the screws;

Operation of crane Slide line shaking large:

1, the main reason: the fork can not absorb transmission errors;

2, treatment methods: Correcting the tractor, so that it can be free to absorb transmission errors, adjust the guide line straightness, tighten the lifting screw.

The crane is subjected to electrical brush wear fast:

1, main reason: The joint is not formed, the load flow is too big, 绷簧 pressure is big.

There are sparks in the slide rail of the crane:

1, the main reason: brush surface and guide the poor touch;

2, Treatment methods: Check the rail joints, appropriate running-in brush to ensure that 60% touch area.

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