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Hanging Crane Sliding Line
Hanging Crane Sliding Line

The main material of hanging crane slide conductor is copper. Its sheath is a partially enclosed guide-shaped tubular part, which is the main part of the sliding contact line. The interior can be embedded 3-16 naked as the power supply conductor, the guide rails are insulated from each other, so as to ensure the safety of power supply. And in the live maintenance, effectively prevent the maintenance personnel electric shock accident. The manufacturer produces the tube each length is different, may connect to any need length, the ordinary conduit makes the linear shape, may also according to the special demand make the arc shape and so on.

Slip Contact Line installation Acceptance standard bracket, should be galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. shall be welded without gaps. The nut is securely mounted and the mounting hole is in the same position. Bracket spacing. According to the required spacing of the installation, the nut without loosening has been tethered to death, the number of composite requirements.

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